We love to experience new cultures.  We have dreams of building a “Tiny House”, as a permanent place to call HOME, while being able to spring  from that place and travel…..initially, we thought a friend’s property (25+ acre farm) would be that place.  They had a rundown mobile home on their land, which we all had discussed as a great place to break it down and replace it with something like these pics.

When we started discussing the logistics and making plans to get underway,  unfortunately, we had different ideas on how/when/where.   Better to learn this now, than halfway through the project.  It was more important to keep the friendship in tact than it was to jeopardize that, not seeing eye to eye on building details.

So with that said, we are on the hunt for the best location for this house and will move forward with looking at RVs.  Part of the GOT ADVENTURE DREAM is to see 48 states in 52 months via RV! We are researching vehicles, while trying to narrow down where we want to build our Tiny House and call “base camp”.  So many exciting possibilities!




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