Ava Collins Burris is ONE WEEK old today!

As I reflect on this last week, I am reminded so beautifully of the Circle of Life and the joy the birth of a new baby brings. We all sat around the hospital room and the kids asked me about their births. It was fun comparing experiences and laughing about personality differences, etc.

All three of my adult children and I were together for a few days and what a treat! Rarely are we ever all in the same place together!  It was a beautiful thing!  My son, Daniel (far left), lives in Bordeaux, France, my daughter, Claire (far right), lives in Brooklyn, New York and Catherine, her husband, Trae (center) and new baby, Ava, live in Tennessee.

Even with the excitement and anticipation that lead up to Ava’s arrival, I found myself questioning if I would be for her the rock my mother was for my children.  The relationship between kids and their grandparents is so very unique. I just realized it’s an exclusive club to which I just became a member!  Let the spoiling begin!






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