How many of you love your Grandma more than life itself?

How many of you love your Grandma more than life itself? You have that unique relationship with her that you don’t have with anyone else in your life! My “Granny” was my best friend, my confidant and my mother’s advocate when needed! She lived three hours south of us in a tiny town called Lyons, Georgia. (Six miles south of Visalia, where those delicious, sweet onions are grown).💗

My parents worked long hours and we rarely took vacations, but when when could, my brother and I spent holidays, summers and weekends with her. It gave my mom a much needed break and us a chance to milk Granny for all we could get out of her. Ice cream, movies, toys, you name it! She spoiled us as much as she could and she adored us! When I had children of my own, I watched my mother become the happiest, most proud Grandma ever. She did all the things for my kids that I was unable to do. At times, she undermined me, which drove me nuts! But the kids learned what they could and couldn’t get away with with their parents and grandparents. They were happiest when they were at Mam*ma’s!! My mother said from the beginning that she didn’t care what the kids called her, as long as they called her! 💗

My youngest Daughter is due one week from today with my first grandchild. And although I have had nine months to “get ready” for the birth, I am just as excited and nervous today, as I was the day we found out she was pregnant. It occurred to me that I am going to be the mother to my child and the grandmother to her child. It’s the circle of life! 💗I have many friends who are already Grandmas and they all tell me the live I will feel for this child is unsurpassed! I can’t wait to experience all this journey have to offer.

If you are a Grandma, please post your favorite story and advice in the comment section below! Let’s be each other’s cheerleaders and support! She will call me “GIGI” and I must admit, I have a tad bit of anxiety. Will I be a great GiGi? Will I be the advocate fir my daughter she needs? Will I be the ear and should the Grandbaby needs? Prayers for strength and wisdom. 💗




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