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Tiny house
Everything we know in the United States is BIGGER AND BETTER, or Is it?
I grew up in an era where the more you had, the more prestigious your family was. Not much has changed. We still feel some crazy need to do and have it all. Debt is at an all-time high and stress is a way of life. Health issues and drug addiction are rampant. Our kids put pressure on us to “fit in” with their peers. They want this sneaker, that mobile phone, etc. and when does it end? Traffic is outrageous! Commute times for many workers are unbelievable. We are spending more of our awake hours getting to work, sitting at a desk and getting home from work than we are with our families. Productivity at work and at home suffer. Sleep deprivation is real. QUALITY TIME …is a myth.

Ten years ago,

As we were becoming Empty Nesters, the cost to run our 5 bedrooms, 4 bath house was outrageous. Two car payments, college expenses, household costs, It seemed every paycheck was gone before it even hit the bank! There was no money being put away for retirement. The future seemed frightening. Finding quality time with our kids was so challenging and the rat race was becoming such a real way of life. I was miserable. There had to be more to life than this.
Then life took an unexpected turn. Both of my parents died within 20 months of each other. Both had terminal cancer. Both had spent their entire lives working sunup to sundown to provide a better life for our family. Both left this earth way too young (age 70 & 73). To say I was devastated is an understatement. My life flipped upside down. All of the security I knew was ripped out from under me. Even though, as adults ourselves, with families of our own, we don’t feel we “need” our parents, it’s always an underlying feeling of comfort to know that they are there if something DOES happen.

Fast forward to today…

and we are on our “TINY” JOURNEY! We seek a Thrift Life. We have since downsized three times, in an effort to get LEAN AND MEAN. Going from that monster of a house to a 3 bedroom, 1 bath house to a 2 bedroom, 1 bath apartment to a 1 bedroom, 1 bath apartment. We have sold, given away and stored what we have come to know as “stuff” along the way. Some call it minimalist. We call it freedom. This year we will be building our TINY HOUSE and setting ourselves up for lots and lots of Travel Adventures. We have decided to spend our time and money visiting places and people, working for ourselves, rather than remaining “house poor”, and working for someone else. They say, “if you work for someone else, you are funding their dreams. If you work for yourself, you fund YOUR DREAMS”!
We have found the location for the build, saved up the money for the cost, sketched out a floor plan on a napkin, priced out supplies and fixtures and will start the project this summer! I am hopeful that some part of this journey will be inspirational for my readers. You may not be quite ready to sell everything and build a Tiny House, but maybe you can find a few ideas to help cut back on the cost and stress of your current life!




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