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When I turned 21, my parents took me to Las Vegas for my birthday. Before the trip, my dad asked me how much money I had on me?
I said, “Forty bucks”.
He said, “Hand me a Twenty.”
He walked me back to the master bath, wadded up the bill, tossed it in the toilet, and pushed FLUSH.
He asked, “Are you ready to go to Las Vegas?”
I said, “No, I want my money to come back out of the toilet.”
He said, “ YOU’RE GOOD TO GO!”

From that moment on, I take what I am willing to flush down the toilet, play with it and when it’s gone, it’s gone! I enjoy the game! It’s not about the winning or the losing, although winning is nice and losing is not so nice…’s about the challenge of the game and the LUCK🍀

As the years came and went, the game of Texas Hold ‘em Poker was one my dad and I enjoyed playing together. We loved sharing “bad beat” stories, as much as the winning hand stories. And before he died, in 2008, he encouraged me to “get more serious” about my play and hone my skills. He had hoped I would decide one day to not only play in a few Circuit Tournaments near home, but travel both nationally and internationally and ultimately play in the World Series of Poker Tournament in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Last summer, due to the increased success of my global skincare business, I had saved up enough money to try my luck at the WSOP tables at the Rio. I was out in Las Vegas just under a week and played in a few Ladies Tournaments, Co-ed Cash games and one Senior Tournament. I didn’t “cash” in any of the tournaments, but did quite well in the Cash Games. I came close enough to catch the POKER BUG and vowed to return annually, until I no longer found it FUN!

Have to admit, I LOVE PLAYING POKER!




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