More visitors from homeland, Atlanta………..

My high school friend, Carol Caldwell Bauer, and her precious family visited us over the weekend and we could NOT have had a better
time!!!!  Her husband, Ron, is the nicest, most enjoyable guy around.  Her senior in high school, Annie, and sophomore in college (UGA, go dawgs), Gordon, were so much fun.  The six of us had delightful meals, fun times at the beach, horseshoes (Gordon and Brian teamed
up to squeak out a win), street shopping for those at home and the most amazing sunset two days in a row……These were the guests we would love to have anytime!!!  I must thank Ron for his generosity and Carol for the BEST girl chatJ……Carol’s family humored her and me as we compared memories of our school days at Westminster
and laughed and laughed.  We just hated to say “goodbye”, but they were ready to get back to Atlanta and get organized  for a brand new school year….We just wish them the very best and want them to know that their visit was the highlight of our summer, so far!

Pura Vida!




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