A Life Changing Trip…

On December 27, 2010,  Brian and I boarded flight 336 from  Atlanta to San Jose Costa Rica, via Fort Lauderdale at 6:31 am for our 7:00 am flight.  Packing for the trip was a breeze.  I had been there before and knew what we would be doing and what I needed to take.  1) wash and wear only…….no drycleaners and 2) sunscreen.   Good to go.  Actually preparing to go was a breeze.  Brian didn’t really have that many questions (he is always willing to take things on their face value and evaluate from there) and I had made arrangements for our anniversary plans (a big deal to me, Brian, not so much).  We knew we were staying with our friend at the condos we liked and had enough money to experience the coast a little bit and enjoy great food.   We would have plenty to talk about on the way home, which I believe was scheduled for January 6th.  As we boarded the plane for Costa Rica, I remember vividly saying to myself, “This is gonna be a make it or break it trip.”   Either Brian was going to like/love this place and plans would get in gear for moving here, or he will think we have not yet found the place we want to move to.

…….to be continued.






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