The Community in layers

Friday night was a powerful night.  We attended Tico services at “Radical” church.  Worship was in Spanish and so was the sermon.   The pastor is American, so he speaks slowly enough I could follow most of it and the songs were fun and words easy to translate.  All in all, it was a great experience……..We met pastor David and his wife and a few other Ticos we knew employed by the zip line tour……….I am looking forward to having coffee with pastor David soon and finding out what volunteer opportunities there are for me at the
church.  He has an after school program and many other possible places to serve, so I am told.   The congregation is all about young families and community.  One mother even breast feed her child right there in front of everyone, and no one batted and eye.  Will certainly see where this takes me………….. As we are experiencing living in Jaco, the longer we are here, the more layers (like an onion) are getting peeled back.  We LOVE what we see……….





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