Stay Open to the Possibility!

Having no idea when or how my love for helping people would
come to fruition, we decided to just ease our way into this new place.  Much like moving to a new city, which I did many times after college, I found it to take about two years to feel a part of a place, not just a visitor.  The wild part about being here in Jaco is, for some strange reason, maybe my perspective is much more mature, but I felt connected to the people and the place almost instantly.  I spent ten years of my life from 1990 to 2000 leading mothers’ support groups and speaking publicly on parenting issues around the southeast.
That time in my life was the most personally fulfilling.  It brought me amazing inner peace and joy, helping other mothers of young children realize they were not alone, and that all they were going through was normal and manageable.  Since 2000, due to “unforeseen circumstances”, I had to put that on the “back burner” and in the back of my heart, have prayed daily that when the time was right, I could get back to that Angela………….the one that made a positive difference in women’s lives on a daily basis, the one that
was focused on her strengths and not obsessing about her  weaknesses…………Well, low and behold, the guy upstairs came through yesterday. It’s not the do all, be all, but it’s a start…A young man here in Jaco, who is the marketing director for one of the largest, most popular tours, met us for breakfast, at my request, so we could bend his ear.   He grew up here, has an Canadian mom and Texan Dad, so his English is perfect.  We started with me asking for ways
to immerse myself into speaking Spanish.
(I have an intermediate skill level in Spanish, but am ready to get the
fluency going)…he told us of a pastor here from the states that is trying to help under privileged families here in Jaco, and if I volunteered to work with him, that would beef my Spanish up pretty darn quick.  BINGO!!! So, we are headed over to meet Pastor David this evening, and I am like a kid about to board a plane for Disneyworld.  My mind is racing.  Who will I meet, how will I help, what will I learn, how will I feel?    I can’t wait……will let you knowJ





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