Happy Birthday, Brian! I love you so……….

Today is my hubby’s 41 st birthday and we got to celebrate it here in Costa Rica.  It was quite nice…..nothing huge, just a romantic dinner at Tsunami Sushi and music at Hicaco by the Calypso band….Yesterday we celebrated with friends at Jaco Taco, as Monday was Lee’s birthday and today, Brian’s, so yesterday Sandy brought a homemade decedant chocolate cake that was truly sinful……..the fun was all it is cracked up to be, as the weather was sunny and nice and the games enjoyable, as the friends we have met are by far the most genuine, thoughtful, laidback folks we have known in a longtime….They take life as it comes, share moments with each other, care about things that truly matter, and just let the “crap” roll off….In Costa Rica there is a saying……”PURA VIDA”   (pure life) and we are learning more and more each day how to embody this.   We left the rat race and stress filled existence we both had for a more relaxed, healthier, calmer and purer life, and we are just so blessed to be here and have this…………It should put YEARS on my life, that I KNOW I would not have, had I stayed.  I was drinking and smoking and stressing and fretting and basically headed down a path I did NOT want to go…….Brian felt the same way, although he has a much more savoir fare look at things than I….I no longer smoke, rarely drink, exercise everyday, eat amazingly healthy foods that are so fresh………Today was the ideal day in Jaco……..We slept late (7:30 am) had breakfast, exercised, biked to the beach, swam, came home, lunch, showered, napped, back up for a little pool time, reading,  then dinner in town…..The weather was perfect; Sunny, cool, humid and then overcast later in the day.   No rain today….Lazy birthday for Brian.   Thank you God, for this opportunity and for the love and guidance we feel everyday…..and Happy Birthday, my love!





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