The Rockpile!!!

There is much joy in touching base with your children, no
matter how young/old there are….having had a house guest this past week and all three of my children traveling from all parts of the world the week before that to be together with their dad for the 4th of July, it had been over three weeks since I had had a chance to check in with each of them…………it just warmed my heart to hear/see them (thank God for Skype).  I have raised three of the most amazing adult
children that the world has EVER seen.
Each one is living the life they have chosen for themselves and the best part about it all is: they are fully prepared to live that life.  They have done for themselves from a very early age; cooked, cleaned and done laundry for themselves and built the self-confidence to tackle the world’s toughest challenges, while  coming out ahead time after time.   I felt as they were growing up, that if I could raise successful, confident, loving, compassionate, God fearing adults, I will have done my job.  With God’s grace and a bunch of faith filled days/nights, I did it!!! There is no way in this entire world I could be ANY prouder of all three of my kids.  Each one makes my heart smile, and I KNOW for a fact, their grandparents are both in heaven looking down and saying, “I gotcha kid, let’s take this earth by storm!    Now, we are on the path of developing a new adult to adult relationship and the future is wise and full of possibility!!!  Mamma and Deedy want them to continue being proud of me and my bravado and me proud of theirs!!!   GO AVERETT-ROCKs!!!





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