Celebration Jaco Taco style!

Johnny turned 50 and was surprised by his sister and brother-in-law showing up all the way from Ontario, Canada for the party!  Penny turned 55 and Lesley 60 (neither of whom looks anything close to their age).  They are both total hotties!!  The warmth and friendship these folks have shown Brian and me is indicative of the nature of ex-pats in Costa Rica (well, not ALL of them, but most of the ones we have met).  We truly enjoyed getting to know so many who have lived here for over 10 years….and the stories they tell are fascinating!!  The local hangout, Jaco Taco, is a rustic oasis that says, “WELCOME” the second we pull up on our bikes.   The daily cocktail special is usually a blue concoction called a “Guaro sour”, which, although somewhat “sour”, as its name implies, is packed with a punch.  Guaro is Costa Rica’s Jagermeister, or Greece’s Oozu…….it ranks right up there with the Grain alchohol we drank in college.   Anyway, in celebration of the birthdays yesterday, the special of the day was Jack Daniel’s Gentelman Jack ($3 ea) and coke………….Needless to say, I was in iguana heaven!!!  (not “HOG HEAVEN”, we aren’t on a farm).  At the Jaco Taco, people play dominoes, horseshoes and pool, visit and get caught up!   The appetizers served for the party were out of this world, of course, as the food is some of the BEST we’ve had in Jaco.  All, in all, it was such a fun afternoon and evening………….now for the party planning for the July b’days!!!





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