The Joy of Fresh Homemade Bread

Having met the lovely owner of the downtown coffee shop
yesterday, she invited us to stop by for coffee, so we did!  First thing this morning, we ran into Marian on our way to check movie times at the newly opened movie theatre, and she said, ”I am going to pick up my bike and be right back, why not come on in and have a fresh baked cinnamon roll and some iced coffee.  Not only was the roll the size of a pie, but delicious to boot.  Brian’s coffee, superb, and I had a banana, strawberry smoothie that was out of this world.  Marian’s story was fascinating…..she is from Canada and her ex-husband from Texas.
They moved here 40 years ago to live in the mountains (which they did
for the first 15 years), live offa the land and raise their children.   They had no electricity or running water.  They had a fresh stream on their
property and grew their own food. They raised all four kids vegetarian, sold their fresh produce by the side of the road, until a major road came through and drove them out of business.   They then moved to Limon (Eastern side of Costa Rica) at the encouragement of friends, opened a bar/restaurant, which was successful for almost 10 years.  She went on to tell us briefly about the divorce, his death and her return to Jaco to open the coffee shop 7 years ago.  We were discussing all the grown kids and where they are now, when a demanding customer came in and we had to cut our visit short.   We will see
Marian again soon and love to continue getting to know her better.

There is so much about this country we absolutely love, and
one thing is the people…..Shortly after our coffee break, on the way back to the casa, Brian shot this butterfly, so it’s the picture of the day……….

Pura Vida!!




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