DATE NIGHT Jaco Style!

At DoceLunas!

The coolest thing about being here, for now, is how sponaneous we really can be!  We have been cooking alot of different meals the past couple of weeks at home and enjoying “eating in” most nights, but tonight we decided we would venture across the street, to a gated hotel/bar/restaurant called “DoceLunas” and check it out.

It’s dark, we walk up to the iron gates and the guard comes out asking us if we “are on the list” (have reservations or are staying there).  We say, “No, but we’d like to eat/drink at the bar/restaurant.”  He has us sign in and points up and around as directions for us to walk along a brick drive to God knows where, and did I mention it’s DARK?

As we wind around on a beautiful lighted walkway, we pass this humongous pool area and gardens, that we can only speculate must be amazing in the daylight.   A few long moments later, we spot a lighted building up ahead and low and behold it’s the fabulous oasis of an outdoor bar/restaurant and we are THE ONLY ONES in there, but the bartender, manager, chef and spa owner….

They greet us warmly and ask what our pleasure will be.  We ask to see a menu and order two drinks.   The manager proceeds to explain that we can have ANYTHING we want on any menu, breakfast, lunch or dinner.  Brian has been craving an old fashioned cheeseburger for a few days now, and low and behold it’s on there!  That settles that, cheeseburger it is, with real honest to goodness Amerian French Fries to boot.  I had had a bowl of Brian’s spectacular beef stew earlier before we left and have decided to “just have a bite of his” myself.

We found out a few cool things while there: 1) Jango is a website where you can load your own music online and play it back like your own personal radio station.  Henrique loads Andre Boticelli and Celine Deon and we have “mood music”.   He explains to us, that since this is their slow season, they only have 5-10 guestrooms filled, as opposed to  the usualy 25-40 and that most of these guests have gone into town for their date night out:)  We don’t mind.  We have the place all to ourselves and it is a beautiful, clear night.  The overhead fans make it quite cool and pleasant, all but the one or two mosquitos that decide to snack on us while we are there snacking on ours…We chat about horseshoes yesterday and what canopy tour we think might be the most fun, as we have yet to zipline, and then we head back home. It’s all but about 4o steps from our gate to theirs and since we were invited to return over the next day or say during the day to see the grounds in the daylight, we decide lunch by the pool later in the week would be a stellar idea…..

Pura Vida!





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