Nobody ended up in the Trunk!!!

Here’s where the vanity, OCD jungle of Buckhead meets the
who gives a shit rain forest of Costa Rica….we set out at 11:15 am this morning to meet “Fred” (names are always changed to protect the innocent) at noon at Jaco Taco for our ride to Esterillos Oeste…..Brian, who is much WISER than I in matters of the laid back, stops to take pics of cool stuff, which you can see on FB, while I whig out about how late we are.
I had put on a jean skirt and pink top (to be prepared for the
inevitable humidity), along with my “cute” pink Talbots sandals.  Brian asked, “Are you okay to walk all the way to Jaco Taco in THOSE?”   I had walked half that far last week in THEM, so I responded, “Of course.”  Needless to say, we made it in PLENTY of time to leave for the Field Trip on Tico Time and, yes, the balls of my feet are KILLING ME!!!  I played horse shoes barefoot in the sand, thank GOD, and it will be NEXT week, before I walk ANYWHERE again!!!!   Not to slam Talbots,
by any means, but the $2.00 Old Navy flips are rocking every trip we make from here forward and YES, Brian held his own at horse shoes!!!

Brian just said we could have stayed all evening, and we
left, fashionably early, because, these folks are the kinds  whose stories fascinate you, not just today, but again, and again……………they are real, they care and they have seen a world that does not judge or demand or render a verdict……………….wow, that’s different!!!!

Pura Vida!!!




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  1. Betty Boop

    I miss you more than words can say, Love Betty Boop


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