First Official Field Trip for the Roses!!!!

We are headed ‘out of town” today, on our first official ‘field
trip”.  We have a new friend that plays
horse shoes on Tuesday’s at Jaco Taco, who invited us to go play in Esterillos Oeste, about 20 minutes south of here today, Thursday.  He is taking us for the afternoon in his car.  I am beside myself with
excitement!! Brian is a nervous wreck.
He doesn’t know this guy, and his mind starts imagining phone calls back home about bodies found weeks later in his trunk.  It cracks me up, but he is serious.  He also doesn’t want to be “stranded” there
all afternoon, if this guy wants to stay and we want to leave.

I wanted to yell, ‘ARE YOU SERIOUS”, but I just have to give
him time to vent and say all these amazingly over reactive, absurd things, insistwe not go and stew on it.  Then about thirty minutes later, he’ll just casually, somewhat under his breathe, in an almost
non-audible distance, say, ”It’ll probably be fine,”  and then we’re going.   Which, I plan to give an update on the day’s
activity later, but if you don’t see any posts from here forward, alert the authorities we are in some dude from Jaco Taco’s trunk!!!

In the meantime, as many of you are aware, there have been a
number of potential real estate business opportunities for us here, and todate, I have not yet discuss them.  One, in particular, is a development currently underway in the exact town we are
visiting today!!

So, we will be meeting the onsite realtor at that project at
some point today and get more info on the status marketing/sales needs there.   That, too, is exciting!!!

Well, I am off to fix breakfast, wake up price charming and
prepare for the BIG adventure.  Wish me/us luck!

Pura Vida!!




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