MARTES (Tuesday) Beach exploration and POKER

Walked the beach this morning!!  GORGEOUS day today….We went to the cute Hotel I’ve told friends about called Club Del Mar and took video.  Trying to figure out how to load one on the blog….now come to find out my flip video is more advanced than wordpress will allow…so much for posting video……oh well…..will try and put this one on facebook:)

We played in the surf and walked and walked and walked.  Brian says we covered almost five miles.  My knees are feeling it:)  There were some beautiful condos along the beachfront (no idea what they cost) and small hotels in between them.

Found out Costa Rica does not have “daylight savings time”, so now it is 2 hours behind Atlanta, but in the fall it will only 1 hour behind…

Tonight is my first Texas Hold ‘Em poker tournament……..wish me luck!!  I figure it’ll go one way or the other:)   I played here once the last time we were here in December and did alright, so we’ll see!!!

Pura Vida!!!




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