Lazy Sunday News!!!

Yesterday afternoon we had a “flash” rain that lasted about 30 minutes.  The sound from our porch was peaceful and the rain coming down on the pool water really pretty!!

Seems everytime we set out for a walk to and from town, we see something new and interesting….This palm tree is in our condo parking lot and reminds me of a big fan:)……The Iguana was chillin on a wall of a house, as we strolled by.  Quite honestly, I didn’t even see him.  Brian just seems to have a keen eye for spotting creatures.  Like all animals in their natural habitat, they blend in with the foliage and I am having to SLOW down (“take time to smell the roses”, if you will) to let my eyes see all that is here.

We go swimming in the ocean every afternoon, and today finally remembered to take along the camera.  A nice lady from Wisconsin took our pic!   It is just amazing to me how many people we meet on a daily basis that are here visiting from the states, or living here from the states (and Canada)….

We played blackjack last night next to a couple of Israeli soldiers who were quite vocal about our president…….crazy how world news is wordly…..haha.

This afternoon we have decided to give our bodies a rest and “chill”.  We have a Chillean Sauvignon Blanc chillin in the fridge and shall have that with goat cheese and crackers in a bit.   For dinner, we’re cooking in…………..not quite sure what we will have, but it won’t require much preparation as we are about to undertake the 2nd Rummy Championship of the World (yours truly won the first, but B usually creams me)……….

I went on a bike ride early this morning by myself, somewhat in search of local churches, and happened upon a Pentacostal church actually on our street.   Eventhough the music coming from the open doors was lovely, something about the speaking in tongues thing, just doesn’t work for me.   I will ask around this week about a Christian church to attend next Sunday and go from there……….

The ROCK ICE BEER pic is for my kids (whose last name is ROCK)….thought they would appreciate MOM having a brewery right here in Costa Rica make a beer especially for them!

Pura Vida!!



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  1. Will Averett

    I am jealous. When are you guys accepting visitors?


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