Friday mornings are open air market day in Jaco Beach!!  Everything was so fresh and cheap “costwise” not “quality”…We got veggies and fruits and fresh goat milk rasberry yogurt (Triple YUM!) and rolls and grapes and amazing pineapples and the list goes on!!

Having ridden my bike to Maxi Bodega (Walmart of Jaco), which is 3 miles round trip (baby steps for this old lady) this morning to get a few kitchen items we forgot, bowls and a pyrex baking dish (all of which totalled $4.00 for three items…..crazy how inexpensive, but good quality things are here, and the best part is conversion from COLONES (that’s the Costa Rican currency) to DOLLARS is easier than the EURO or any other conversion.  500 colones is the same as 1 dollar; easy enough!!

Well, I have figured out how to do sit ups and leg lifts in the pool…I have a $1.00 blow up float and lying on it, like I would on a mat at aerobics, I do sit ups lying on my back and leg lifts lying on my stomach!  Brilliant!  That completely takes the pressure off my joints and focuses my reps on the muscles that need strengthening….well, I thought it was kinda cool.   Keep in mind I am in such bad shape that this is a great start to getting some semblance of the “pre-baby Angela” back!

Brian has headed off with the video flip camera to film creatures and critters native to Costa Rica.  He is fascinated by the colorful and unique animals and flora all around us…….We saw a red and black striped butterfly yesterday that was so brightly colored, he looked like a checkerboard with just stripes.  If we see him again, we’ll post a pic.

Pura Vida!!!




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