We made it!!!

Wow, what a difference 48 hours makes!!  We left our friends’ house at 5:00 am Wednesday morning to catch our 7:00 am flight out of Hartsfield Int’l Airport to San Jose!  We were greeted by our Jaco pal, Gene and his assistant and away we went!   All luggage, all belongings, all monies, etc. made it safely to Jaco Beach without incident!

We settled in the AWESOME condo, unpacked a bit and went grocery shopping….it’s a lot like what you do when you are staying at a condo at the beach for a week, only after a week, we won’t be leaving :)…….will see how that feels then.   We were so worn out from the Yard Sale a week ago, and moving last large items to Julie’s and packing and leaving and getting here, that last night, I think we would have slept on the grass outside and called it paradise if we’d had to!!!

Today was the first official day in Jaco Beach, Costa Rica…We woke up with only the shirt on our backs and a few extra creature comforts, but it sure was liberating and exciting.  I am on a mission to find a bike with a basket (much needed, as we won’t be able to afford a car for awhile) and Brian on his own mission to find his own bike (MEN and WOMEN have such different priorities in so many matters) .

One of the first things on our agenda today was to take BEFORE (AFTER will come much later) pics of our fat bodies, so that in 90 days when we come back for a visit, we can note the amazing (or lack thereof) progress in our attempt to get buff and healthy……We are headed to play horseshoes at Jaco Taco and watch the sunset………..until maniana (which here could mean tomorrow or just whenever the heck they feel it should mean:)………..Pura Vida!




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