Moving Out, Moving On!!!

As of this time tomorrow, we will close the door and turn in the keys of our cute rental house we have called home for the past year….

We LOVED our house and our quiet neighborhood, especially our favorite watering hole, Vintage Tavern, to which we walked many times.  We’ll miss you Smyrna Market Village and carry MANY awesome memories of festivals and fun past…..but on to Jaco Beach, Costa Rica!!!

We are excited and anxious to say the least….I don’t think it will REALLY hit either of us until we walk into our new home next Wednesday “TO STAY”, and then it will probably be another month before it doesn’t feel like we are simply there on vacation, but will keep you posted.

I just want to take this opportunity to say “Thank You a million” to all our family and friends who are supporting us in this new chapter of our lives! Change is scary in many ways, but without it, we would be stagnate and “dull” is not in our vocabulary.

We look ahead to the many adventures that lie ahead for us in this new foreign country and the awesome people, places and things we will experience, and you, my friends, will get to follow along, as if you, to are taking this journey………Pura Vida!!!




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