How to put everything in two suitcases….

with only two weeks left til the BIG MOVE, we have our big yard sale this coming weekend….the last of the “junk” to go:)….packing clothes and girly necessities into one checked bag and one carry on seems to be a bit more challenging than I had originally thought…..

Have had lunches with best girlfriends, my boss and co-workers and enjoying the time together….

will play poker with poker pals for the last time tonight and lunch with my brother this week……….it’s not “Goodbye”, but “See You in Costa Rica or back here:)”…..

In a way, it hasn’t really hit me how proud of myself (and my husband) I should be.  My boss reminded me at lunch yesterday that two years ago, I put at the top of my Business Plan as my number one goal “TO RETIRE TO COSTA RICA”, and here we are:)..Having lost both parents a few years ago and all that has transpired since then (really good times and really bad times), we kept our eye on the ball, and now it’s come to fruition………Feels really positive……………




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