Countdown to departure……..

22 days and counting……….we are on track to leave June 1st…one of our friends was cute saying ” Angela and Brian are leaving the country for one reason only-it’s an excuse to have over a dozen going away parties and we know they love a good party!”

I must admit, it’s be so much fun seeing all our friends for one last hoorah and having the opportunity to tell each and everyone of them how special they are to us:)

Since we can’t take all the pictures we had framed on the wall of fame at our house, I got a digital picture frame (that holds 2000 pictures) and am in the process of loading all our favorite photos to have on our end table in our CR condo!!  So, we are taking all the special memories of good times past and special people with us!

We have our yard sale coming up to ditch the last of our “wordly belongings” that we won’t need anymore, one last trip to the storage unit with our bed, dresser and TV (the three things Brian says he would need if/when we come back stateside).

We spent Mother’s Day yesterday at the Atlanta Botanical Gardens (which was glorious) and as we strolled through the “jungle exhibit”, got a dose of the climate to come………SO EXCITING!!!




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