Four weeks to go……….

Having started this countdown the first of the year with over 20 weeks til our move, we are now down to the last four weeks….

There is so much still to do, but we seem to be on track!!!  It still blows my mind that we will be taking one checked bag and one carry on each, and THAT’S IT!!!   Fortunately the condo we are renting is fully furnished, so we should have all we need to get started on our fabulous new adventure.

In Costa Rica, in order to maintain your visa, you must leave the country every 90 days for 72 hours, so we will be back for a few days in the ATL the end of August, so I’m thinking anything we “forgot” to pack or truly need, we can get then….that’s my plan, will see how it pans out:)

We’re taking the last few loads of furniture and personal items to our “storage unit” this weekend, having a yard sale the 21st of May and Goodwill picking up unsold “junk” after that…..making cancellation phone calls this week on utilities, cell phones, etc. started the “must take with us” pile in spare bedroom a few weeks ago, so all that’s left is the numerous “going away” parties friends are throwing for us…..TRULY the fun part!!!

We’ve given out info on this precious hotel within walking distance of our condo and had many promises of a vacation visit this summer/fall…………..You can’t imagine the feeling of actually bringing a true dream/goal to reality……it’s quite exillerating and a bit anxiety ridden all in one!


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  1. Barbara Stein

    Dear Angela,

    I wish you a wonderful adventure and great happiness in Costa Rica.

    Best wishes,
    Barbara Stein


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