The Joy is in the Journey

For most of us, it’s not about where you began or where it will end, it’s truly about how, where and when you travel in between! My story highlights my life from Glass Slippers to Flip Flops.

I invite you to travel along, in the hopes that my adventures, both fantastic and flops, will inspire you to find the Joy in Your Journey!

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I can’t thank you enough for your interest in my journey and the life lessons learned along the way. I grew up in an exclusive area of Atlanta, Georgia. Attended a private school and rubbed elbows with the rich and famous. I lived somewhat of a Cinderella life, hence the Glass Slippers!

I graduated from an all girls’ college in Virginia, met and married a Virginia boy and had three beautiful kids. Then my fairytale crashed and burned.
My now ex-husband married another woman and the kids and I moved back to the ATL. They were ages eighteen months, three and four and a half, at the time.
I raised them as a single parent, with the help of my wonderful parents, and rebuilt my life!

The Flip Flop piece of this story lies in Prince Charming coming along fourteen years ago, sweeping me off of my feet and into the water. We are both Beach Bums, Adventure Seekers and Scuba Divers. Our life has been a beautiful journey of crazy ups and downs together. We are total opposites. I am a “city girl” and he is a “country boy”, but we bring the best out of each other, and are proof positive that “Opposites do attract”!

At a time when I didn’t realize I needed Rodan & Fields, something was missing.

I was recovering from two total knee replacements in the summer of 2015, trying to decide what to do next for income.

My best friend asked me to lunch. She knew I needed to get out of the house and we hadn’t seen each other in over a month.
The first thing I noticed about Julie was her beautiful skin! She rides horses and her sun damaged skin was something she was used to. Not anymore!!!! Rodan & Fields premium skincare Reverse Regimen was aging her backwards!

Not only did my skin begin to improve and my wrinkles disappear, with my Redefine Regimen, but I decided to become an Independent Consultant. I had nothing to lose and possibly increased self-esteem from my beautiful skin AND the ability to give that to so many others to gain!

I love what I do! Not only do I experience autonomy and increased residual income, but I get to help others do the same! As an entrepreneur, Consultants work for themselves, but not by themselves! Goals are met and lifelong dreams come true!
This business builds bigger vacations, college funds, exit strategies from day jobs, income to relieve the stress of monthly expenses and futures filled with purpose!

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Rodan & Fields products are sold exclusively through our Independent Consultants. If you have been needing both Time & Financial Freedom, or thinking about becoming your own boss, this just might be the answer to your prayers! This exciting Information Video will answer most of your questions about how it you can easily work this business into the nooks & crannies of an already crazy, busy life!

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